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                      3 Queens Ranch in South Texas

3 Queens Ranch is located in the legendary South Texas Golden Triangle. This area is known for record book Whitetail Deer hunting. The Golden Triangle provides a superior habitat for Trophy deer hunting that will make long-lasting memories. If you are searching for a genuine South Texas Ranch hunting experience, come see us! At the ranch you’ll have the chance to hunt wild  deer in their natural habitat, which will give you an amazing hunting experience, whether this is your first hunt or your an old pro. Spending a few days on our ranch will help you de-stress and focus on the thrill of hunting a trophy buck and you will enjoy  seeing the variety of wildlife in South Texas.

Limited Hunters=Large Bucks

Our ranch only hosts a small number of hunters each year and strives to provide them with a true South Texas ranch hunting experience. We specialize in small, personalized hunts. 

Our impressive mature deer with typical South Texas genetics make for great hunting in the Golden Triangle. You'll  see a large variety of deer of all ages during your hunt. Our South Texas ranch offers an excellent habitat for deer, covered almost entirely in native South Texas brush, making the hunt a true challenge and offers vegetation that grows impressive bucks.  We also have several ponds on the ranch. You’ll get to see several other forms of wildlife on your hunting trip like axis, blackbuck, hogs, javelina, bobcat, badger, turkey and quail. Maybe you are interested in seeing the wildlife without hunting? Come and stay at our Ranch for our wildlife photography. Spend a quiet few days enjoying the outdoors and photograph all the wildlife South Texas has to offer. 

A Unique South Texas Hunting Ranch Experience

We offer a number of different hunting opportunities, from youth hunts to corporate hunts. Our youth hunts offer adult hunters the opportunity to get their child involved in the hunting world.  We can taylor  a hunt around any ability. Corporate hunts allow  employees and leaders a chance to get to know each other outside of the workplace. Whatever type of hunt you desire, you’ll only be hunting with a few people, possibly just your group. We offer a personalized hunting experience,  Choose the weapon of your choice, a rifle or bow, and be assured, you’ll have a knowledgeable guide that will put you on a buck that you’ll be proud to take home.

Our cabins offer everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay. After a long day of hunting, there’s no better feeling than returning to your own cabin to relax and take a hot shower before a hearty meal .

If you are visiting from out of town, we are conveniently located just an hour  and a half from the San Antonio airport. 

3 Queens Ranch is a new South Texas hunting ranch operation. This will be our first season to offer trophy whitetail hunts on our property after several years of strict management practices. If you are planning a trophy whitetail hunt in South Texas, 3 Queens Ranch  is the place to come!

3 Queens Ranch is located just over an hour from the San Antonio Airport.

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